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The Church Aid Club

The Church Aid Club has long been one of the church's most energetic groups, serving the congregation and community while providing strong support for its members as well as many opportunities for enjoyable fellowship.

New members are always welcome.

A tradition of visionary service

Mrs. Julia Ross Frazier founded the Church Aid Club at Shiloh Baptist Church (Old Site) on April 6, 1921.

According to information taken from the Shiloh Herald, Volume 1, Number 4 (February 14, 1925), Mrs. Frazier was “chairman of the deaconesses and president of the Church Aid Club. It was she who first saw the need for a pipe organ for the church and organized the club for the purpose of buying the needed organ.” The organ was unveiled in May 1925, and the last payment made on May 27, 1927.

The second president of the club was Mrs. Gussie Kay. Under her leadership from the early 1930s to 1958, the club prospered and was one of the most active organizations in the congregation of Shiloh Old Site.

Mrs. Bernice Childs Frenzley became the president of the Church Aid Club in 1963 at the request of the newly installed pastor, the Rev. Lawrence A. Davies. Under her leadership, the club successfully completed many projects. In her honor, the club later established the Bernice C. Frenzley Unsung Hero Award.

Mrs. Frances Lucas served twice as president, moving the club forward with a number of innovative ideas and activities. Her husband, Mr. Reginald Lucas, is the only male member to have served as president of the club.

Under the leadership of its Mrs. Catherine Davidson, who served many years as president, the club continued its tradition of service.

In November 2017, Dr. Emmett L. Fleming  chosen as the club's new president.

Strong leadership for almost a hundred years

The Church Aid Club has been blessed with strong, dedicated leadership through the years and is still a very active organization.

The following persons have led the club since its founding:

Julia Ross Frazier     Gladys Ferguson     Reginald Lucas

Gussie Kay      Bernice Frenzley     Marguerite Young

Callie Washington     Bernice Easley      Frances Lucas

Bertha Kay      Frances Lucas      Catherine Davidson

Current members

Front row in photo:

Wesley Spruill

Jean Spruill

Catherine Davidson

Marguerite Young

Delores Lacy

Etta Bailey

Carol Washington

Mavis Allen

Second row in photo:

Lindsey Washington

Eleanor Braxton

Karen Hundley

Margaret Trower

Third row in photo:

Bernice Easley

Gearlette Rowe

Willie Conyers

Fourth row in photo:

John Easley

Flora Richardson

Emmett Fleming

Mary Fleming

Not pictured:

James Bailey

Joyce Johnson

Verline Shepherd

Richard Spears

Susan Spears