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The Faith & Hope Club

Shiloh Old Site's Faith & Hope Club was founded in 1969 and has continued to be a vital part of our congregation's ministry. The club fosters a caring spirit among its members and seeks to reach out in constructive ways to the larger church and community.

New members are always welcome.

A tradition of visionary leadership

The club's founding president was Deaconess Bernice Tyler.

The club's "go forth" president was Edyth McLaurine.

The club's "fruitcake" president from 1977 to 1995 was Deaconess Lena Watson.

The club's first male president was Mark Olson.

The club's next president by declaration was Deacon Johnny P. Johnson.

The club's current president is David Johnson.

Featured activities

To encourage greater fellowship, Lois Simms started the club on a tradition of providing a light breakfast to all who attend the annual Thanksgiving sunrise service. This effort continues today.

Deaconess Lena Watson suggested that the club donate two silver punch bowls to the church for better presentation and beautification at special events. These continue in use today.

The club presents a black history program each year, often featuring the talents of youth and young adults from our church and others as well.

To raise funds, we also have an annual yard sale at the Johnny P. Johnson Art Studio. The yard sale is always popular, in part because Deacon Johnson often sells his famous art work at the sale, offering a deep Faith & Hope Club discount.

In 1995, member Laura Montgomery retired after teaching for thirty-four years and was looking for activities to fill her time. She suggested a Tuesday morning Bible class sponsored by the Faith & Hope Club. She asked fellow member Mark Olson to teach the class. He accepted, and the class began with approximately ten people. As of 2015, the class typically had thirty to thirty-five people in attendance, both from Shiloh Old Site and various other churches in the surrounding community and counties.

Three original members still going strong

The Faith & Hope Club still has three of its original members: Susie Walker, Jean Johnson, and Laura Montgomery, all of whom continue to play an important role in the group.

Deceased membrers

With great affection and respect, the Faith & Hope Club remembers its deceased members, who include  Marian Taylor, Vernice Tyler, Newton Lucas, Maxine Newell, Pearlie Coleman, Dorothy Rawling, Keziah Walker, James Watson, Lena Watson, Mary Lambert, Janet Clark, Patricia Holzendolf, Jacqueline Thomas, Jessie Thomas, Edyth McLaurine.

If you miss us from working down here, keep your faith — and know that you will see us again. Just come on up to bright glory — and you will find us there!


Current members

Front row in photo:

Mia Valentine

Johnny P. Johnson

Susie Walker

Calvin Taylor Sr.

Brenda Ford

Doris Rutherford

Middle row in photo:

Yvonee Spencer

Ortygia Carnette

Joan Toms Olson

David Johnson

Back row in photo:

Wanda Taylor

Carol Washington

Jean Johnson

Venetta L. Smith

Mark Olson

Not pictured:

David Braswell

Anthony Collins Sr.

Johnthan Evans

Pamela Gardner

Violet Jones

Loretta Minor

Laura Montgomery

Andrea SpringerCollins

Robert Walker